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Southern Oregon Real Estate Take on Apartments Versus Townhouses: What’s The Difference?

Southern Oregon Real Estate Take on Apartments Versus Townhouses: What’s The Difference?

After scrimping and saving you are now in a position to buy your very own property through reputed Southern Oregon real estate firms. You already know what you can afford and have approached financial institutions nearby to secure the finance. After all, it will be one of the most important decisions of your life, and you want only the best for your family.

After scanning the property section of the newspaper and looking online where you came across Windermere Real Estate, you have narrowed your search down to either an apartment or a townhouse

The deciding factor of what and where you will buy will depend on whether you are single, a couple, have children, or intending to have children. Your best bet is to seek a word of advice from real estate experts in Jackson County in the Southern parts of Oregon about the pros and cons of obtaining either an apartment or townhouse.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an apartment?

Generally, apartments are more affordable than a townhouse.

One of the pros of an apartment is the security for your family. Apartments are fantastic if you travel a lot and don’t want the hassle of maintaining a garden. It’s a lock-up-and-go facility.

Help is close by should you have an emergency, and it is easier for a newcomer to make friends in an apartment. Usually, apartments are fully serviced, so you don’t have to take your garbage out every week or worry about the outside walls that need repainting. This is a huge saving.

Also, there are numerous sources on collecting trustworthy information about affordable and cost-effective apartments. Individuals depend on local Southern Oregon real estate brokers for advice on where to locate the best apartments. Just be aware of some of the scamming endeavors of a few brokers who are in it to earn a quick buck without rendering quality service. Luckily Windermere Real Estate is not one of them.

Then again, the best way to find what you’re looking for is to navigate real estate website in Southern Oregon that are packed with a host of useful information and data. You should pick the best apartment that provides different types of amenities and highlights particular advantages. Making use of the advanced search features on sites like will assist you in finding a suitable townhouse or apartment. Ensure you compare the differences so you may make an informed decision in the process. As well as researching wether the property is for sale by owner or by a compnay of some sort.

The disadvantages of living in an apartment depending on how big it is and how well it was built. If your next door neighbors are having an argument or they are listening to loud music you can hear every word and sound they make.

It is almost as if they are right in your living room. You hear the bath water running and the toilet flushing in the middle of the night.

Cate or dogs may be allowed depending on the rules and regulations.  You may think twice about buying an apartment.

Now you are looking at other options. You don’t want purchase a house while maintaining a large yard and face all the expense that goes with a house.

You can have the best of both worlds with a townhouse, They are more affordable and are often easier to sell than a house.

Some townhomes are single standing units which afford you privacy as well as enjoying the benefits of barbecuing and gardening in your own small garden.

Many townhomes have a communal gym and swimming pool which is an added advantage. Pets are usually welcome, and children have the freedom to play safely in communal areas.

Living in a townhouse is far more secure than living in a house. Often there is a security check on entering the premises which give one peace of mind.

The downside of living in a townhouse is the old saying: you can choose your friends but cannot choose your neighbors. A townhouse can be attached to another townhouse.

Often the walls are very thin, and you can hear everything that goes on with your neighbors.

This can be very annoying if they decide to play their musical instrument in the middle of the night because they cannot sleep.

Before reaching your final decision as to whether a townhouse or an apartment is best for your needs, talk to Windermere Real Estate by giving them a call on 541-899-2000.

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