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Landscaping Medford Oregon Tips for How to Prepare Your Backyard to Ensure the Perfect Playground

Landscaping Medford Oregon Tips for How to Prepare Your Backyard to Ensure the Perfect Playground

One of the merriest times for your kids is when you lay a fun-filled outdoor playground.

Countless hours of jogging, swinging, climbing and becoming the go-to spot for all the neighborhood kids. All of this can be had right in the comfort of your own backyard. However, before any of the fun starts, it’s critical to develop your yard for the latest addition. The last thing you want to do is to build it on an unstable surface or not have enough place for the kids to swing back and forth. Inspect some useful tips to consider when getting your backyard ready for the playground your kids have been asking you to make for ages.

Choose The Right Site
We can’t stress enough how essential it is to choose the right spot in your backyard to develop your playground. You’ll need to make certain you pick a horizontal site. Say you wish to develop on a slight slope or uneven part of the land; you risk unstable equipment that can contribute to disasters. You also will want to know how much area the playground will take up in your yard. Do you need space for your pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, kids to participate other activities, etc.?

Recruiting help from professional landscapers is an excellent and brilliant idea as they can level the ground where you need to build and keep the apparatus and your kids safe. A playground is a wonderful extension, but you don’t want it impeding your other great outdoor features.

Watch Out for Potential Hazards
We’ve all had someone inform us, “better safe than sorry” and when you’re setting up a playground, it’s best to accept this suggestion in mind. Just like checking the ground where you will build, you should look at the surrounding area for possible threats. Ensure your playground do not come in contact with power lines or low-hanging branches. You also won’t want to build too close to a wall or other items that can interfere with kids swinging and injuring themselves. We understand accidents can take place, but you can do your best to evade them.

Pick Your Ground Cover
A significant decision you should not forget when installing a playground is your ground cover. It’s wise to choose a material that is safe, low-maintenance, economical and will complement your playground. Lucky for you some excellent options that can achieve this include:

  • Rubber Mulch—A suitable choice as it serves as an outside barrier and produces a cushion in case any children fall while playing. Plus, it is a very eco-friendly alternative.
  • Wood Chips and Mulch – One of the more attractive choices owing to the selection of color preferences.
  • Pea Gravel – An Inexpensive choice that produces a beautiful look and needs low-maintenance.
  • Play Sand – One of the most common ground coats as it’s affordable and produces a cushion for children but can be difficult to control over time.
  • Natural or Synthetic Grass – Always a clever alternative as grass brings an engaging, natural look. Real grass is the hardest to control as you need to mow and water well. With artificial turf, it offers a level, flat surface and needs little to no preservation. The only downfall is it can be expensive to place.
  • Create a Boundary
    After you determine what ground cover is best, you’ll want to ensure you keep your ground screen where it applies. It’s necessary to build a border around your playground to help confirm that this is the preferred area for play and that your playground amalgams in with the rest of your outside living space design. A great idea is to design a paving rock walkway or custom patio round the playground. This may assist to produce a weed barrier, and if you previously have a stone patio, it can seamlessly continue together. Plus, there are various winning designs and stones you can choose from to improve the look of your playground and space.

    Have the experts at Medford Landscaping Pros assist you to build your playground. Read more about their landscape maintenance tips.
    Do you want to add a playground to your backyard?
    It’s nevermore a bad idea to request for a helping hand to ensure your space is prepared to house the perfect outdoor playground. The experts at Medford Landscaping Pros specialize in getting homes ready to build custom playgrounds. Call them today, and a member of their team will come to your property and help you pick the best area and give any other advice on what you will need so the playground may be utilized for years to come.
    For more expert advice from Medford Landscaping Pros go to Plus, it is a very eco-friendly alternative.

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