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Knock Yourselves Out and Experience the Thrills and Chills of McCall River Rafting

Knock Yourselves Out and Experience the Thrills and Chills of McCall River Rafting

Nothing is more thrilling than floating on your raft over whitewater rapids while admiring breathtaking Idaho scenery. Not only is Idaho regarded as one of the best whitewater adventure venues in the country, but Riggins, which is just North of McCall is referred to as the Whitewater Capital of the U.S.

Whether you are still new to this type of sport and learning the ropes, or already a skilled rafter who knows how to navigate your way across some of the most challenging rapids, the rivers close to McCall have something to offer you. What is more, there are several highly skilled River guides like Orange Torpedo who will take you an unforgettable McCall river rafting expedition.

What You Need to Know About River Rafting
Most of the excursion River rafting companies lead one day to multi-day trips on the Salmon River, which is fondly referred to as the River of No Return.

You can expect a fun adventure and the experience of a lifetime thanks to bountiful whitewater and an unrivaled passion shown by experienced guides whose first concern is your safety. They will ensure you take a boatful of memories with you, whether in your head or on camera. Companies like Orange Torpedo Trips make it their mission to offer you a journey on board the whitewater that you will never forget.

There is no shortage of seasonal joys whether it happens to be cooler weather or summer time. In the case of the former, you may simply pull out your cozy sweaters and slip on a crochet headband while sipping a pumpkin latte or spiced cider. Where better to enjoy all of this than the great outdoors of McCall in Idaho.

Enjoy the Best of McCall River Rafting
Life passes us pay way too quickly. Why not plan your summer or winter adventure ahead of time and ensure you make your booking with Orange Torpedo Trips who is known for delivering the best whitewater rafting experience.

What is more, the mountain lake destination features 3 ski hills within proximity of the Payette Lake where there is no shortage of outdoor activities. Even during January, the McCall area burst with all sort of events and festivities.

Once fall comes around, then life takes on a new meaning while our younger folks get themselves ready to get back to school for yet another year of all kinds of activities while the older generation would prepare for the upcoming ski season. Even during the colder months, McCall has plenty to offer in the form of hunting, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and other exciting outdoor sports.

You may want to enjoy a short hike where you get to explore the fantastic Josephine Trail that leads to a scenic lake. Just the changing colors of the deciduous trees are reason enough to pay a visit to McCall. While you are at it, do not neglect to bring along your fly rod.

Maybe you are in need of a super relaxing time among the town folk. If this is the case, then you are in for real treat as there are numerous coffee shops all around where you are sure to find a pumpkin latte or two. Remember to bring your scarf along with you so you may sip the beverage on the patio. Another idea would be to tag your hot drink along with you while browsing the shops of downtown McCall.

Cooler fall days afford one with the opportunity to visit hot springs in the area. What comes to mind is Zim’s Hot Springs that is roughly about 15 miles towards the North near New Meadows. They sport Olympic sized pools that will ensure you get to leave all your troubles behind.

Whatever you do, make time for the great outdoors as life is too short to always stay at home or in the office. Your inbox will not go away and still be there when you return.

Kayaking in McCall
It is not for nothing that Idaho is referred to as the Whitewater State. This can be seen in Hells Canyon that is regarded as the deepest canyon in North America and the world class rapids that ranges from level I through to level V kayaking and rafting challenges.

While you are busy exploring the rivers do not forget to bring along your tackle box and fishing license. What is more, there is no better way to improve your river rafting skills than visiting McCall and rubbing shoulders with other experienced rafters and river guides such as the guys from Orange Torpedo Trips. Join them for the best rafting in the us

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